Gregory, Earle Davis


Gregory, Earle Davis

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Earle Davis

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“I will get them” -Sergeant Earle D. Gregory, October 8, 1918, Meuse-Argonne Offensive

Earle D. Gregory, from Chase City, Virginia, was a member of the United States Army before the start of World War I. Before the war, Sergeant Gregory served in Mexico during the Mexican Expedition against the Mexican revolutionary forces of Francisco "Pancho" Villa. It was in Mexico that Gregory rose to the position of 1st Sergeant of his company before his 20th birthday.

The remarkable leadership demonstrated by Gregory in Mexico continued into World War I, where he was the Platoon Sergeant of a trench mortar platoon during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive in October 1918. In fighting near the Bois-de-Consenvoye, Gregory’s unit was pinned down by German machine gun fire. Shouting, “I will get them!” Gregory, grabbing a rifle and using trench mortars as grenades, charged the enemy positions, capturing 23 German soldiers, a machine gun, and a howitzer. For his actions, Sergeant Gregory received the Medal of Honor, becoming the first native-born Virginian to receive this honor.

Three days after the action which earned him the Medal of Honor, Gregory was wounded in the leg while attempting to seize another German trench. After this he spent six months in the hospital recovering, partly in France and partly in Camp Lee, Virginia. On April 25, 1919, Gregory was honorably discharged from the Army. Four days later, he received his Medal of Honor during a ceremony at Camp Lee.

In his honor, in May 1963, the Pershing Rifles of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets were renamed the Gregory Guard.

Earle Gregory enrolled in VPI after the war and graduated in 1923. He studied Electrical Engineering. Gregory was twice elected class president and president of the Corps of Cadets. He retired as the Administrative Assistant to the Tuscaloosa Hospital's Chief of Staff. He died on January 6, 1972.

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Chase City

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Birth Date

18 October 1897


Chase City, Virginia

Death Date

6 January 1972

Place of Death

Birmingham, Alabama


William and Pearl Gregory


Nette Gregory Curling
Mabel Gregory Hawkins


Jettie B Smith



VPI Graduating Class

VPI Class of 1923

Undergraduate Major

Electrical Engineering



Service Branch



HHC, 116th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division



Retired Rank


Military Events

Participated in the Meusse-Argonne Offensive with the 116th Infantry. He was highly decorated for his actions on 8 October 1918. On 11 October, he was seriously wounded as a result of German artillery fire and required 6 months of hospitalization.

Decorations or Citations

Medal of Honor
French Croix de Guerre with Palm
Italian Corce di Guerra
Montenegrin Order of Merit Medal

Battles or Engagements

Meusse-Argonne Offensive

Other Events

24 April 1919- received Medal of Honor at Camp Lee from Major General Omar Bundy

September 1919- enrolled at Virginia Tech and joined the VTCC

Class President at Virginia Tech

May 1963- The Pershing Rifles of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets renamed the Gregory Guard in honor of Earl D Gregory

Postwar Life

Studied Electrical Engineering at Virginia Tech. After graduating in 1923, he worked with the Veterans Administrations Hospitals in Montgomery and Tuscaloosa Alabama.


Veterans Administration Hospital administrator

Retired as Administrative Assistant to the Tuscaloosa Hospitals Chief of Staff

Contributing Researchers

Gregory Milhiser


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Earle Davis Gregory picture from the 1923 VPI Bugle.jpg
Earle Davis Gregory from the 1923 VPI Bugle.jpg
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